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Team personel details : Mr. Robert Sentamu

Managing Director, Wilsken Agencies Ltd

Mr. Sentamu has coordinated and overseen the implementation of high portfolio research assignments from government, local and international NGOs. He has profound technical skills in social research (quantitative and qualitative), monitoring and evaluation, impact assessment, strategic planning, Scenario planning and foresight studies. He has satisfactorily and successfully provided technical assistance to a variety of programs and projects in the fields of health, governance, conflict resolution, education, agriculture, media, and microfinance. As a lead consultant, Mr. Sentamu has satisfactorily coordinated and led teams of reputable consultants through projects with portfolios of up to $ 96 millions.

Mr. Sentamu has an in-depth knowledge of the political, economic and social environment of several sub-Sahara African countries having designed, developed, implemented and participated on a number of studies and projects in these countries. He has implemented over 50+ research projects in the broad field of social research (quantitative & qualitative), ranging from monitoring and evaluation studies, impact assessments, area assessments, formative studies, policy analysis, programme evaluation, elite studies, strategic planning, scenario planning to foresight studies.

Specialty Fields: Governance, Democracy and Human Rights measurement; conflict resolution; Health; HIV/AIDS; Education; Agriculture; Environment; Media, Telecommunication and Microfinance.

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