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Were are research network

Bonded and Insured team interested in solving Africa’s most pressing problems
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The first ISSU

Group of participants at the first ISSU


Data management class
Established in 2019. Its core goal is to build a critical mass of individuals and institutions interested in solving Africa’s most pressing problems through; innovative research, rigorous research capacity and technical skills, high quality data and support infrastructure, established research sharing mechanisms, and shared values on Open Science and FAIR Data.

At this moment, the EASRN has 14 member institutions from Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. The Gesis Institute of Social Sciences as well is one of the core partners.
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Welcome to EASRN , where passion meets purpose. We're a dynamic community of individuals dedicated to build and improve the research and technical capacities of East African academics and researchers to meet acceptable international standards in research.

At EASRN , we've been making a positive impact since 2019. Our mission is to build a critical mass of individuals and institutions interested in solving Africa’s most pressing problems. Over the years, we've achievements and projects. With a strong commitment . we're driven to make
a difference.

Joining EASRN is a turning point in one's career. The connections can be made and the skills can be developed.
Membership Benefits
By becoming a member of EASRN, you unlock a world of opportunities:

Access to exclusive workshops, webinars, and events.

Networking with industry leaders and experts.

Discounts on relevant resources or services.

Opportunity to contribute to special project or Initiative.

Skill development through hands-on projects and collaborations.

Events & Meetings


Our collaboration and growth come to life through our exciting number of events and meetings. Whether you're looking to expand your knowledge, connect with like-minded individuals, or contribute to innovative projects, our carefully curated events are designed to enrich your experience and fuel your passion.

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Welcome to Our Blog: Exploring Ideas, Insights, and Inspiration

Welcome to EASRN's blog, where curiosity meets knowledge and ideas take center stage. Here, we dive deep into a world of topics that matter, offering you a diverse range of insights, perspectives, and thought-provoking content.


Introduction to Survey Methodology.


Data Management.


Cross-Cultural Survey

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EASRN's Community Forum, a digital space dedicated to fostering discussions, sharing knowledge, and connecting individuals who are passionate about business, research and change. Here, you'll find a vibrant community of enthusiasts, experts, and learners engaging in meaningful conversations.

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